Founder’s Desk

John 10:10, ” The thief does not come except to steal, to kill, and to destroy…” There is no word to accurately describe the agony of an ORPHAN or SINGLE TEEN MOM whose innocence got stolen due to tragedy of the loss of parents, divorce, rape, polygamy and family dysfunctions among other things that contribute immensely to the catastrophic predicament prevailing our teens today. Their dreams are killed and destinies ultimately destroyed.

I’m deeply committed, by the help of The Holy Spirit to restore hope and godly principles needed to build a generation with strong spiritual and emotional stability, repairing every crumbling block that has been responsible for altered and delayed destinies, renewing and stimulating the mind to be creative and productive with great insight and foresight to operate in unique dimensions of divine grace, wisdom, knowledge and excellent spirit that will empower millions to reconstruct a fading future into a brighter tomorrow.
As the potter reshapes and remolds the same clay into something beautiful, I share the same outlook, compassion and determination to transform a once obsolete and forgotten raw material into something new, functional and valuable, reminding us all once again that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The bible reveals that people perish due to lack of knowledge, common sense and careful observation of our modern day society clearly proves this statement to be accurate. We learn every moment of our lives and I intend to give our future leaders the right information through educational and vocational training among other things, for a higher percentage to escape the stumbling block of mediocrity and debilitating effects of poverty, implementing new and useful skills, infused with proper character to sustain the acquired skills in a professional environment.  

God blesses generationally, and I am inculcating the generational blessing mentality through the process of re-positioning the empowered to function in their dynamic realms of influence, embracing their rights, roles and responsibilities in the society thereby leaving a good legacy for the next generation. 

I invite all those who care about this vision to help in this kingdom’s service to the glory of God. “People really don’t care how much we know but want to know how much we care”. God bless you as you dare to make a difference.