We Support orphans and single teen moms to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

Our programs initiatives and activities are designed to promote a culture of prevention and economic self-sustenance, build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound and responsible decision-making, goal-setting, interpersonal skills and personal accountability. We offer the following;-


— We Find & Fund

  Extreme poverty, starvation, loss of parents, divorce, rape, polygamy, family dysfunctions, natural disasters and countless other tragedies have contributed immensely to the catastrophic predicament prevailing our Teens today resulting in over 153 million orphans reported globally. World Health Organization (WHO) reports an estimated 16 million girls between the ages of 15 to 19 years old who give birth every year worldwide, with 95 percent of these births occurring in developing countries.

    PHF serves as a solution and empowerment platform – providing hope and help for disadvantaged orphans and single teen moms through education, personal and career development programs, academic support and mentoring.


— We Build Networks

We build our network support system through partnership with orphanage facilities, employment agencies, private and public organizations and micro finance banks.


— We Empower

We empower by creating a sustainable employment and business opportunities, building capacities through entrepreneurship and business training as well as provide access to business start-up capital through our partnership support system with Employment Agencies, Private and Government Organizations and Micro Finance Banks.


— We Educate

Financial assistance for educational and vocational opportunities; Yearly aid for entrance examinations to Tertiary Institutions i.e. GCE and JAMB and academic sponsors into Junior/Major Universities and Vocational Institutions.


— We Provide Care

Health care assistance program.

Orphanage centre

Food distribution

Clothes and shoes distribution


Back to School supplies

Spiritual and Emotional well being through counselling and prayers sessions. Mentorship comprehensive program that allows Mentees to connect with Mentors who serve as academic and professional role models


— We Consult

We adopt a holistic and proactive strategy rather than a welfare or reactive approach- partnering with and mobilizing relevant Non-Governmental Organizations, Community-based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Government Agencies, Orphanages and Individuals to demonstrate the love of Christ through the provision of a network of support services.


What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

To deter unplanned/unintended and recurrent teenage pregnancies in the Nigerian society.

 To reduce the incidence of teen moms who drop out of school as well as dropout retrieval.

 Facilitate the development of the knowledge, skills, self esteem needed to make responsible choices.

 To maximize educational and career opportunities.

 To increase public/community awareness and support.

 Serve as a source of hope, support, encouragement, guidance and opportunity.

 Providing a continuum of care for pregnant and parenting teens.



Our Principle And Core Values






Team Work

Hard Work

Learning and Sharing